Purpose of this Blog

Purpose of this Blog

As an adult or teenager, you can learn Spanish in much less time than a young child learns his/her native language. Learn Spanish Naturally is about how you can learn Spanish using new research-based methods. Truly, the methods that will be introduced aren’t new. They have been in practice ever since the first person learned a language. But, they are VERY different than the way you have been taught foreign language in school. They are also easier and more effective than the big-marketing-machine boxed products available, according to the supporting research that you’ll see in this blog.

The methods that you will read about in this blog are all backed by current foreign language education research, tested successfully in the classroom, and transferred to an e-learning format, called Proficience e-Spanish. I want this method to be accessible to everyone who wants an alternative way to learn Spanish. Any English speaker can learn to speak Spanish using this program. When I teach Spanish in classrooms using this method, it is so natural that many of my students don’t realize how much they are learning. This is because it conforms to the way our minds are created to naturally learn languages. It feels so easy, but it works.

This blog is an introduction to the new method (lessons one and two are currently done), and it’s also a discussion about language learning in general. Your comments and constructive suggestions are welcome, and will be an important part of the feedback that helps to shape the end product. Thank you for visiting, and I hope that you enjoy coming back to read new blog posts as they come up.

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