Do these e-learning lessons REALLY teach Spanish the same way I learned to speak my first language?

No and yes.

No, not in the exact same way. It took you several years to become fluent and obtain an adequate beginner vocabulary. You had no other language to compare with your first one. You learned much of the language in random, unfocused experiences.

Yes, you will learn naturally in the sense that it teaches in harmony with the way your mind is built to learn and remember language. You’ll just naturally understand more and more with each lesson, and it won’t feel like work. You will learn better than naturally because of the language-research-based features built in to the program that enhance comprehension and enable greater retention. Everyone who can read this can learn Spanish using Proficience e-Spanish!

If you ever took a language class where you learned a grammar principle first, and then practiced some random exercises to try and remember the grammar, I feel your pain! I’m not talking cutesy games and photos. Those don’t contribute to fluency (if they did, you would have been on your way to fluency after two years of high school Spanish).

You are in for a positive language learning experience unlike anything you have ever tried before.

I invite you to give Proficience e-Spanish a spin. You will learn Spanish faster and more easily than any other e-learning program that exists today. That’s the truth.

I want you to learn Spanish and enjoy the experience. I’m also continually looking for ways to make the learning more enjoyable, so any feedback you want to share is welcome. Just go to any of the posts on and leave a comment. I read every one, and will respond as quickly as possible.

NOTE: The teaching method that inspired Proficience eSpanish is light years ahead of the way most schools are teaching beginning Spanish. You may or may not have heard of Blaine Ray’s teaching methodology called Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS). Mr Ray is a genius at engaging students while teaching them a foreign language. His methodology is quickly gaining support by language teachers around the world. After using TPRS in the classroom, it seemed to me like the eLearning world was sadly lacking in anything even close to this effective teaching method. So, this is a tip of my hat and a thank you to Blaine Ray and his son Von, and the tremendous contribution they are making to foreign/second language learners everywhere.

Happy Learning!


Mark Mayo has an M.A. in Instructional Design for Second Language Education. He lives in Northern California with his family and two happy, hungry dachshunds.

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