Lesson Three is complete! Choose your own ending.

Lesson three is now ready to go, right on the heels of lesson two. This lesson has a new feature, where you get to a decision point, and Robert has to make an important choice. You have the power to choose on Robert’s behalf, but choose wisely.

It kind of reminds me of that scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where the old knight was guarding the goblet which held the water of immortality, or something like that. You don’t want Robert to dry up and blow away like the guy in that movie who “chose poorly”. (Just kidding, that isn’t really the “bad” consequence in lesson three.)

The lessons continue to use verb forms from the 100 most frequently used verbs in Spanish, and a whole lot of vocabulary that is relevant to the story and to speaking with people in Spanish. I also threw in a Spanish language proverb towards the end that is very similar to its equivalent in English.

As you know, you must complete the first two lessons in order to get to lesson three. That way, you are familiar with the verbs that are being reviewed frequently (and you also get the occasional joke too). 😉

May you enjoy the lesson, and become a little more fluent in Spanish at the same time!

Mucho éxito

Mark Mayo

2 thoughts on “Lesson Three is complete! Choose your own ending.

  1. Marco,
    No hay un (link) para continuar a leccion tres. Estoy un poco triste porque no sabe por que es un dia triste para Gabriella. Ayudame pro favor? Quiero aprender mas!


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